HbA1c Collection Instructions

ADx100 Instructions from Home Testing Instructions on Vimeo.
1. Fill out card

Fill out the collection card with your name, today’s date, and your date of birth.

2. Get blood flowing

Warm your hands: Run your hands under hot water or rub them together.

Get active: Shake your hand below your waist. You can also jump, shake, or dance!

3. Choose finger

Wipe the tip of your middle or ring finger with the alcohol wipe.

4. Use lancet

Twist off the lancet cap (you won’t see the needle).

Press the lancet into the side of your finger to puncture the skin.

Allow the first drop of blood to drip onto the provided gauze.

5. Collect sample

Drip 4-6 large drops of blood onto the small square on the collection card. Do not touch or tap the collection card.

Gently squeeze your finger downward to help release more blood. Blood should drip from your finger.

Blood will flow to the right. If red blood does not pass the first line, our lab will not be able to analyze your sample.

If blood flow stops, clean another finger and use an extra lancet to finish the collection.

6. Finish up

You did it! The hard part is over.

Apply the bandage to your finger.

Let the collection card dry for at least 45 minutes.

7. Pack for return

Once the card is dry, put it inside the foil bag.

Put the foil bag into the bubble mailer and seal it.

8. Mail your sample

Please mail your sample within one day of collection.